Starcom Website Analyst

Helping Websites Rank Better


Key Features

  • Robust Control Panel
  • PHP/Mysql based application
  • 3 minutes installation
  • Fully customizable layout
  • Checks for Page Statistics
  • Checks for Meta Tags
  • Checks for Page Notes
  • Checks for Objects
  • Checks for Page Objects
  • Provides Recommendation
  • Checks for Successful Optimization Steps
  • Admin driven site contents

Backend Features

  • View Unique Queires
  • View Queries by daily, monthly, yearly
  • Manage Site Contents
  • Manage FAQs
  • Manage Hint Texts on Result Page

Starcom Website Analyst, the definitive software program for better search engine rankings, now available for both personal and commercial use at the same price.

We completely understand that you want your website to appear not only on the first search results page of all major search engines, but you want it to appear at the upper portion of the first page.  To help you achieve just that we have created Starcom Website Analyst.


Starcom Website Analyst provides you with detailed information of your website’s html, CSS and images and thus assists you in knowing what you need to do to achieve better search engine rankings for your website. That’s not all; your Starcom Website Analyst also offers recommendations exclusively for all websites analyzed through it and checks for successful optimization steps.


To provide all our customers with cost-effective prospects of getting the maximum out of our website analyzation software, Starcom Website Analyst is now available for both personal and commercial use at the same price!


With personal and commercial version combining to become one solid website analyzation software like none out there, your odds are higher than ever to bring your website at the top on all major search engines.


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